Brian Moore plays with technology to create art and products that comment on popular culture, society, and technology itself.

Selected Work

GOODY-2 is the world's most responsible AI model

AI Garage Sale lets you haggle with AI to buy real products

CRYNYL is Fall Out Boy's new album, filled with the band's tears

LOL Verifier only lets you type "lol" if you've truly laughed out loud

Veriforever are plaques to commemorate being verified on Twitter

Abortion Bus is a "game" that simulates the 23-hour long drive for an abortion in Texas

Human Record Player makes you spin around to listen to Weezer's new track

USDTea is the first stablecoin backed by cans of AriZona Iced Tea

Blockedchain is an NFT that can only be minted by people blocked on Twitter

Hypetags are live pricetags for your sneakers

Hardstop immediately ejects you from awkward Zoom goodbyes

Non-Fungible Olive Gardens is the future of fast casual dining tokenization

Busy Simulator makes you sound incredibly busy

RP-FX is an AR sequencer built into Reese's Puffs boxes

Shoom shows off your sneakers while WFH

Rage Rider is a scream-powered scooter

Thoughts & Prayers controls guns through a game

Cloak is an antisocial networking app

Do Not Touch Your Face helps you avoid getting COVID

Dating Brian was a courtship experiment


From pull cords that escape zoom small talk, to live price tags for shoes, to anti-social networking apps that help you avoid your friends, to websites that make you look busy at work, Brian’s work is medium agnostic and religiously irreverent.

Founder, member of BRAIN, a very serious art studio.

Currently in Los Angeles, California.


“[Brian's] spent more than a decade making headlines for [his] often-sardonic digital projects”

The Information

“Moore's contraptions—appear to have a comical edge, TikTokers are not seeing the funny side.”


“Can you please keep these dumb projects coming, because they’re brilliant?”


“Brian Moore creates semi-facetious tech products.”

Daily Dot

“Moore’s projects are always a clever mix of commentary and viral stunt.”

Ryan Broderick, Garbage Day


Available for commissions and partnerships. Please email for inquiries.



  • Harvard Medical School (2023) responsive games + health
  • TEDx (2021) a chat about creativity during the pandemic
  • Whaaat?! (2021) slots and how to make weird stuff
  • Hackaday (2017) a bit about Twitter bots
  • Babycastles (2017) a talk on video bots

Selected Press


  • ADC Young Gun Year 12 recipient
  • Emmy (Nominated) Outstanding New Approaches: Arts, Lifestyle and Culture
  • Webbys 3x (1x Winner, 2x Honoree)